Project Bethania


Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien,
Berlin, Germany

Project Bethania


Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien

TWS CREATOR-IN-RESIDENCE 2016-2017, C/SENSOR-ed SCAPE ©︎Tokyo Wonder Site Photo: Ken Kato

Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien(ベルリン・ドイツ)でのアーティスト・イン・レジデンスでは、事前の計画で、スタジオ外の空間に大規模な作品を介入させるプランをたてていた。滞在中は、そのプロジェクト実現へのステップとして、サイトのリサーチだけでなく、スタジオ空間を利用したプロジェクトや、コンセプト面にフォーカスしたプロジェクト等を複数行った。しかし結果的に、私はレジデンス期間のうちにメインの作品を完成させる事はできなかった。その失敗と呼べる現象は私を十分落胆させたが、それでもその行為と時間の価値を信じてくれる人にだけ、私の3ヶ月の全てを明け渡そうと思う。

In my preliminary concept, I planned to place a large-scale work in the space outside of a studio. During my stay I took steps towards realizingthis plan not only by doing site research, but also by carrying out severalprojects, including one in which I used studio space and another thatfocused on the concept aspect. In the end, though, I was not able tocomplete the main artwork during the residency period. That turn of events,which could be called a failure, made me feel quite disheartened. But I’dnevertheless like to deliver up the entirety of my three months just to thepeople who believed in the value of these actions and this time.
I plan to exhibit an 85-page book including 12 original drawings; and acertificate of ownership of the right to share in all ways my threemonths–that is, the time thatelapsed–for the same cost as the rent ofBethanien.

Photo: Nicolás Buenaventura / Book binding: Yaqui Ozequi