Mientras mas lejos aumenta la probabilidad de la caída, aprender de ello también es probable

(The further you go, you may fall or you may learn)


Centro de Arte Contemporaneo Wifredo Lam,
Havana, Cuba



A double staircase to nowhere was constructed in the backyard of the museum. The height was approximately 6 metres. For the upper part, the stairs became more narrow and unstable. All materials and workers were gathered locally. Themes of the work are distance, desire and risk. With the committee’s permission, it was designed to intervene with the patio and be 12 metres high. Although, it couldn’t be built as it was planned because of the institutional reason and realistic shortages of material in the market. Additionally, with it’s risk, the museum allowed no viewers even to step on the work. The work was shown as a figure of the progress, with construction tools and a rough atmosphere.

After the show in Cuba, there is another show in Japan to represent what happened in Cuba. During the post production of the project, I was in a third country: Germany. By working and rethinking the project with people in Germany, it gained another perspective. It made me the other cultural clash, like a peripeteia.






Photo by Maité Fernández Barroso